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The Pit

The firepit project is complete! We can hardly believe the transformation. Do you enjoy the firepit more in summer or winter?

Landscape Project

The High Country Plant and Seed Swap is at the Ashe County Farmers Market Pavilion in West Jefferson tomorrow. From 2pm – 5pm, gardeners will come to swap seeds and learn from one another. This type of community spirit is just one of the reasons we love our town! We’ve been looking around the HavenContinue reading “Landscape Project”

This is what the property looked like when it became Haven at Greenwood Glen. Kevin and I have always been visionaries, so we immediately saw good bones and knew that these homes were going to provide so many wonderful memories.Family vacations. Weekend getaways.Antiquing in the foothills of Appalachia. Why Haven? Merriam- Webster defines a havenContinue reading

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Briggs & Lawson

About Us

We are The Greenwoods – Kevin, Briggs, and Lawson.  We are (almost) lifelong NC residents and spent most of that time in the Triangle. However, the mountains mean home to our hearts! Briggs’s family has been in the foothills and mountains for as long as anyone can remember. Elevation and cool clean air have always settled our hearts and minds. That is exactly what we want for you, your family & friends.

Travel is the only thing you buy
that makes you richer.”
– Proverb