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Spice Up Your Getaway – Add a Romance Package

We are proud to share our local businesses with you. From wineries and breweries to florists and butchers, Ashe County and the surrounding High Country offers an abundance of wonderful products. Let us create a package to make your stay extra special. As many items as possible will be locally sourced. Flowers and Chocolate package…

The Traditions that make us “Us”

Growing up we always had an artificial Christmas tree so when my brother got married he and his wife decided they wanted a real one. So they drove to a tree farm in the mountains and after walking though several acres of trees, found the perfect one and cut it down. Their barely adult selves…

The Christmas Tree Capital!

One of the most fun facts about our new home county is that we can see Christmas trees every single day. Haven is across the parkway from one tree farm and we can’t venture anywhere in Ashe without passing at least a few. It’s such a treat! This morning I read that Ashe County is…

The Firepit Project

It was such fun to have all the kids and lots of friends to help out with this.  Lots of digging, tons of gravel (literally) and some sunburn later we are thrilled iwth both areas. The smaller area was designed by one of our boys and constructed over a couple of weeknds. The large patio…


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Briggs & Lawson

About Us

We are The Greenwoods – Kevin, Briggs, and Lawson.  We are (almost) lifelong NC residents and spent most of that time in the Triangle. However, the mountains mean home to our hearts! Briggs’s family has been in the foothills and mountains for as long as anyone can remember. Elevation and cool clean air have always settled our hearts and minds. That is exactly what we want for you, your family & friends.

Travel is the only thing you buy
that makes you richer.”
– Proverb

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